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He was born on the 19th of June in 1912 in the village Bobriki of Tula government in the Russian Empire. That was Aleksandr Dolgushin who surprised everybody when he took part in his first competition in the Moskva-river in 1931. He went the distance so fast as if he was in the motorboat and then it was announced that the result wouldn’t be accepted. So he asked to go the distance once more and he tried to show a better result. His second result was more fantastic than the first! It was the beginning of his success in the rowsport. Then he became the champion of USSR in the rowing, but his highest achievement was his performance at the USSR championship in 1938 when he broke the record.

Aleksandr Dolgushin became the first Honoured Master of Sports in the rowsport. He was famous and everybody admired for his achievements but he wasn’t satisfied and tried to exercise more and more. At every competition he went the distance in different types of boats.

On the day of the war announcement there were the competitions and Aleksandr went as a volunteer to the army group. One night he helped the wounded people and did some secret tasks under attack. There was the command to call away the famous sportsmen to the home front but Aleksandr didn’t go away and died in the unequal battle.

After the war there were competitions in the honor of Aleksandr Dolgushin and a lot of the best sportsmen fought for the figurine with his name.

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