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I used to meet that nice woman at the competitive skiing, but the meeting with her at the Olympic Games in France was unexpected for me. I had taken a picture and thought if she was Anfisa Reztsova – the skier!? But there I could see her with the gun! I looked through the protocol and saw that it didn’t seem to me: Anfisa was the participant of women’s` biathlon! “How amazing!” – I thought.
In Anfisa`s family there was no talk about the skis. She went to the gymnastics school in the city Vladimir where her family lived and just after trainer`s advice she got the skis when she studied in the 5th form. The start of her career in skiing was in the sport school “Dinamo” and her trainer was Leonid Reztsov. Who became her husband. Anfisa`s brothers were interested in sport too. But they didn’t succeed so much as their sister: she got the medals one by one and was invited to the national team.
So she was running at the relay race in Austria and got the first place and the gold was in her hands! When she was at the competitions in Oberstdorf she had already had three medals and the gold.
But she couldn’t get pregnant for long time because of her hard exercises. But then she could and she didn’t know how to deal with it: to miss the Olympic Games and give birth or to go to the Olympic Games and had pregnancy terminated… The authorities demanded the second and they promised to give a flat to her.

Though the operation influenced the health, Anfisa became the champion. After some disagreements with the authorities she had to leave the national team. Her husband advised to aim at biathlon. When her first daughter Dasha was born Anfisa could run with the gun therewith, but she had some problems with the shoot. But she could show good results because her fast run saved her even she didn’t shoot well. So in Albertville she became the champion in two kinds of sport: ski sports and biathlon. Then she won the World Cups, won in 6 individual races and she became the champion in Lillehammer too!
After Kristina`s birth she decided to come back to skiing and she got the gold at the championship in Ramsau. But at that time there were more new young talented skiers and that`s why Anfisa decided to finish her sport career.
Then she gave birth to two daughters : Vasilisa and Maria. After her sport career Anfisa thought that her family is more important than sport.

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